Memes≈Muerte. O de cómo se originan los mitos (oscuros)


Myth is not pre­his­tory; it is ti­me­less reality, which re­peats itself in history.

The Forest Passage, de Ernst Jünger


I’ve been wai­ting for a gui­de to co­me and ta­ke me by the hand,
Could the­se sen­sa­tions ma­ke me feel the plea­su­res of a nor­mal man?
These sen­sa­tions ba­rely in­ter­est me for another day,
I’ve got the spi­rit, lo­se the fee­ling, ta­ke the shock away.

Disorder, de Joy Division


So I’ll lea­ve the ways that are ma­king me be,
what I really do­n’t want to be;
lea­ve the ways that are ma­king me love,
what I really do­n’t want to love

Time has told me,
you’­re a ra­re, ra­re find.

Time Has Told Me, de Nick Drake

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